Boy Made Flower – Ted Mosby

…and that kids is how Boy Made Flower created the best song title ever

…and that kids is how Boy Made Flower created the best song title ever

Henrik Lund aka lo-fi pop artist Boy Made Flower is currently based in Oslo. Themed around his favourite American tv-show ‘How I Met Your Mother’, the latest anthem ‘Ted Mosby’ is high-spirited and filled with joy.

On the release, Boy Made Flower mentioned, “Ted Mosby started out more like a playful idea more than an actual song. The over the top, touchy-feely lyrics are still kind of funny to me, so I like to think the spark of humour is still in there somewhere, despite the song being one of the more honest ones I’ve written. 

The song did get me to start thinking of the characters as metaphors instead of people, which was interesting. I learned a lot about my own opinions on the characters and what they mean to me, and I even brought some of those opinions into the lyrics. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone picks up on that.”

With the new single fuelled with character, it would be unusual if the main themes of ‘Ted Mosby’ wasn’t love and relationships. Using the main character as a metaphor within the song, the arrangement is playful.

Lyrically flowing with grace, the new release from Boy Made Flower is armed with hard-hitting rhythms while staying close to his iconic lo-fi production sound.