CASUAL – On a Vibe

CASUAL unleash funk infused indie track 'On a Vibe'

CASUAL unleash funk infused indie track ‘On a Vibe’

“ON A VIBE is about cooking HEAT in the studio and feeling like the coolest person alive.” – CASUAL

CASUAL are producer-vocalist ReauBeau and producer-multi-instrumentalist Rico Dean. Creating music to uplift the soul, they’re back with their second single ‘ON A VIBE’. With previous support from Edit Bowman, 3FM and Tommy Hilfiger, CASUAL may still be at the beginning of it all, but the future looks magnificent.

Armed with an addictive sound that will leave you dancing around your bedroom, the new release is filled with a badass nature. Instantly grabbing your gaze and not letting it go until the track finishes, the only thing you want more from this track is for it to constantly loop.

Fuelled by exhilarating rhythms, memorable vocals and infectious synths, ‘ON A VIBE’ is, well, a straight up banger.Can you picture the scenes when CASUAL play this live at their first show after all this madness is over? CRAZY.

An instant classic within the pop meets funk world, this will be one of the most original tracks you’ll hear all week.

Playful yet serious with it’s attitude, this confident number is a sensational release that exceeds any expectations you may have had for CASUAL’s next release.

Out worldwide tomorrow, you can listen exclusively at the top of the page. Get remembering the lyrics and learning some dance moves before it’s release, we dare you!