CHERITON ft Lydia Clowes – Say Hey

'Say Hey' to this fantastic collaboration from CHERITON and Lydia Clowes

‘Say Hey’ to this fantastic collaboration from CHERITON and Lydia Clowes

A collaboration sent straight from the realms of indie-pop heaven, ‘Say Hey’ is a fantastic release from CHERITON and Lydia Clowes. Destined to turn any negative perspective into positive, this feel-good anthem is bound to get you dancing around your kitchen.

Armed with a playful rhythm and impressive vocals from both CHERITON and Lydia, the overall execution is breath-taking.

Discussing the meaning behind the release, CHERITON says, “Say Hey is a song about communication. It’s about reconnecting and how sometimes you get stuck in those meaningless and drawn out “pre chat” conversations… ‘how have you been?’.. **two weeks pass** ‘Work’s been crazy!’ ** ‘Busy’s good!!’. The verses explore those digital conversations you find yourself in whereas the chorus is the brain and your subconscious dialogue which keeps you attached and engaged. The memories of good times that keep you coming back, the acknowledgement and understanding of each other’s faults and how you process them.”

He also explains: “Me and Toby have collaborated on music together for many different projects but hadn’t seen each other for a while so it was a song that poured out! Lyd came in to add the juxtaposition to the sound & conversation which was vital.  She sang the words so beautifully and effortlessly, it was very moving to watch!

At the end of the day Max Goff (Tom Odell) came in and played the Hofner bass on the track.. which glued it all together. We smashed it out in a day which gave it a very raw and occasionally sparse sound.. I love these happy accidents, it defined the whole feel of the song. How it creeps and crawls into its parts mirrors the ease in which you can slide into those nowhere chats..”

A spine-tingling delivery from both CHERITON and Lydia, this collaboration is up there in the top 10 best collabs of the year. Able to turn any frown upside down, ‘Say Hey’ is a breezy number echoing beauty.