CJ Pandit – Karelu

CJ Pandit, aka the introverted extrovert you need in your life, introduces his music video for debut single “Karelu” to the world

CJ Pandit, aka the introverted extrovert you need in your life, introduces his music video for debut single “Karelu” to the world

Crafting songs with a cinematic twist is clearly stated in CJ’s sound. Having spent the majority of his life penning art-pop songs straight from heartbreak, there’s a breath of fresh air with a search for meaning in his music too. Between the cracks and the dark overtones, debut single “Karelu” signifies as a left field pop anthem. 

Karelu means the mark left on the skin by wearing something that’s too tight in Tulu. As for the track, it’s about loving, learning, growing up and moving onwards. Metaphorically, it’ll leave a mark with you and it’s aiming directly for the night. Comprising all the elements of the track into a visual, the video captivates the song’s meaning perfectly.

‘The concept for the Karelu video revolves round the cyclical nature and arc of any familiar relationship we’ve been and go through. Myself and creative director Vzavz wanted a physical representation of the marks you leave, I leave and we leave on one another and the ramifications they can have. Our words, actions and emotions build, explode and then slowly disappear. We learn lessons, cherish them, and sometimes try incredibly hard to disregard them, then go and do it all over again with someone new.’

Direct and intimate, the vintage style to the video feels personal and preaches in honesty. Staying true to it’s guns, the constant stare to the camera feels physical and needs your observation. As for the colourful spectrum, the warm tones portray the romanticises feeling superbly.

There’s something quite 90s with the flash videography and snippets of photos, drawing the audience in with a nostalgic presence. A wonderful visual filmed and directed by Vzavz with guidance from CJ himself. 

Stream “Karelu”, available worldwide now.