Hongza – Cherry

British Vietnamese artist Hongza unveils cover of Harry Styles' classic 'Cherry'

British Vietnamese artist Hongza unveils cover of Harry Styles’ classic ‘Cherry’

Sam Hong aka the mastermind behind Hongza reworks iconic Harry Styles’ track ‘Cherry‘ into his own. A British Vietnamese singer-songwriter oozin with talent, Hongza purses music as a profession which is frowned upon in a Vietnamese household.

Redefining Harry Styles legendary track ‘Cherry’ into a haunting soundscape fuelled with ambience, Sam mentioned, “Harry Styles holds a deer place in my heart, he is my fashion & musical icon. I wanted to do his track justice by creating a coming of age movie dream-pop ballad to cry to.

I love that he defies gender norms by wearing what the average ‘man’ wouldn’t. I chose Cherry out of all tracks because I remember first time listening to it and thinking that it’s so emo!”

Taking listeners through avenues of contemporary indie-pop, ‘Cherry’ is a captivating single that lives up to expectation.

Riding waves of reverberated guitars, heartfelt vocals and a hazy production, the latest single from Hongza is a finale to his lo-fi bedroom production, as he begins the next phase with a full band sound in 2021.

The world is your oyster, Sam. This is an artist destined for greatness, and you’ve heard it here first.