James Deacon – The Revenant

Taken from his upcoming debut album 'Season One', 'The Revenant' is James Deacon's exciting new release

Taken from his upcoming debut album ‘Season One’, ‘The Revenant’ is James Deacon’s exciting new release

With debut album ‘Season One’ out November 20th, James Deacon is taking centre stage with authentic new number ‘The Revenant‘. Bending through different influences, it’s hard to pin-point this track to one genre. ‘Season One’ features 17 tracks of individuality, and confidence, which is definitely something you’d want your debut album to sound like.

Refusing to be left for dead, ‘The Revenant’ is filled with grit, attitude and a whole lot of swagger. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of this track. Assertive and knowing exactly what it wants, the soulful rock track is best described as a badass move from James.

On the track and music video, James Deacon told us, “The Revenant” is about smashing negativity. In the music video I smash a bunch of glass objects with a baseball bat, and each object has a word of some or other criticism that I’ve received as a musician.

Basically whenever you put yourself out there you have to be prepared for both the positive and the negative feedback, and it’s up to you how you deal with it.”

Teaming up with Eric T Graham for the visuals, the music video for ‘The Revenant’ is creative and uses distinctive shots. Featuring a warm, colour palette with low saturation, the video is completely mesmerising and you’ll find yourself sticking it on repeat.

Adding onto The Revenant’s meaning, James stated, “it’s about self confidence and perseverance! I find that when nothing makes sense and the world around you feels uncertain, that’s the best time to back yourself and give it everything you’ve got.”

Certainly got the songwriting ability and personality to walk into a room and all eyes will be on him, James Deacon knows what he wants, and he’ll surely get it.

‘The Revenant’ off ‘Season One’ is out November 20th.