KOKA – Deliverance

Alt pop sensation KOKA releases thunderous single ‘Deliverance’

Alt pop sensation KOKA releases thunderous single ‘Deliverance’

KOKA is an artist taking on the world with her own brand of sumptuous alt-pop that reels you in with ease in ‘Deliverance’.

A song that hits you instantly with its soft sounding synths and pads, KOKA’s vocal is one that you simply cannot forget with a gracefulness and presence that is undoubted.

The production is also excellent, and carries you into her world of modernised electro-pop with a darker underbelly that makes for a hugely potent and captivating listen.

KOKA says “It is about the freedom one can find in their life calling. That purpose, that we often refuse to see, embrace, or sometimes never get to exploit fully, because of this distracting life experience…then one day something happens, a scary force drives one out of the safety net, into the divine unknown. Deliverance.”

‘Deliverance’ seems like the opening chapter of KOKA’s new material for this year, and we’re all ears.

A real 90s feeling is prevalent in this one whilst also possessing the power to bring it right back to the modern day is what makes KOKA truly individual in her own right.