Lili Lindahl – You Don’t Know Me

Lili Lindhal makes her debut with new single 'You Don't Know Me'

Lili Lindahl makes her debut with new single ‘You Don’t Know Me’

Born in Southern China and raised in an orphanage until age 4 when she found new beginnings in the U.S.

Lili’s music draws from an inner search for belonging, as well as her soulful, heartfelt look inside young relationships.

Writing music since she was age 7, her music speaks to all ages, as she expresses her heartbreaks, struggles and inspiration and ultimately her hopes and dreams through her original songs.

Speaking about the new release, Lili shares, “My first single “You Don’t Know Me” was written at a time where I felt as though I didn’t really belong anywhere.

The title comes from the misconceptions that people have about me, especially those who don’t even know me.
People will talk about me as though the way I act to strangers (bubbly and energetic) and the things I post on social media sum up my entire personality.

I think it is easy for people to forget that social media is only small highlights of a person’s life. This song is a way for me to communicate to people that if they really knew me they would see a less outgoing and more depressed side of me.

Lastly, this single expresses my struggles with being vulnerable and building walls to avoid getting hurt. I am always trying to find the next happy moment because I think that the grass is greener on the other side even if that is not the case.”