Lower Loveday – Is It Right?

Indie pop powerhouse Lower Loveday are back with new single 'Is It Right?'

Indie pop powerhouse Lower Loveday are back with new single ‘Is It Right?’

Lower Loveday are back with their second single of the year ‘Is It Right?‘, and we can confirm, it is indeed right.

A track sent from indie pop heaven, the latest release is soaked in sweet pop melodies and danceable instrumentation.

Showcasing a more industrial sound to their production this time around, ‘Is It Right?’ refuses to be left on the shelf, and highlights a duo taking their songwriting up to the next level.

On the new release release, Lower Loveday quote, “Is It Right?, is a track that focuses on the paranoia you suffer when you start to fall for someone, but you can’t tell what the other person is feeling. And then it ends up like a game that you never intended to play.

So we really wanted to convey those feelings of paranoia with it’s heavy, glitchy riffs and then to juxtapose that with the catchy melodies that are in most of our songs. We wanted to combine those two feelings to make a really interesting, energetic Indie Pop song.”

Counting Arctic Monkeys, Blondie, The 1975 and Oasis as key influences into their artistry, ‘Is It Right?’ possesses power-pop with a truly infectious indie atmosphere.

It’s no wonder Lower Loveday are getting the recognition they deserve, their tracks are distinctive and bathed in individuality.