Nicotine Dolls – Till We Both Say

Nicotine Dolls share the captivating visuals for 'Till We Both Say'

Nicotine Dolls share the captivating visuals for ‘Till We Both Say’

Nicotine Dolls formed in 2017 after lead vocalist Sam Cieri and lead guitarist John Hays decided to form a band after meeting on tour.

Bassist John Merritt and drummer Abel Tabares joined quickly after.

Back with a triumphant return, ‘Till We Both Say’ is a distinctive offering and comes across as entirely original.

The band has spent the past 4 years recording and releasing music (produced by Eric Sanderson) as well as producing their own videos.

DIY touring and hometown NYC shows are always left shaking from the bands emotional raw and energetic performances.

Speaking about the new release, Nicotine Dolls share, “The most uneasy and anxiety riddled moment of dating is the first bit where you’ve really fallen into it but don’t know if they feel the same.

We went in and indulged heavily on the unpretentious romantic John Hughes era influences for this one. This is the song we’d play as our two main characters kiss in the rain and the credits start to roll.”

Balancing genre fluidity between Alt-Rock, Pop, and some bits between, the band’s music is always rooted in honesty and the simple complexities of being a person.