Ora Violet – Feel The Same

London based rockers Ora Violet still ‘Feel The Same’ in latest single

London based rockers Ora Violet still ‘Feel The Same’ in latest single

Delivering a blend of rock and roll mixed with 70’s punk, Ora Violet are bringing something different to the table in the music industry in ‘Feel The Same‘. Praised by The Strokes’ producer Gordon Raphael and Stereophonics’ Kelly Jones, the band’s debut single Honey You Did It received wide recognition.

Back with their second single to date, the full of life trio are raring to go. Rock’n’roll has a new face, and it’s in the shape of a diamond.

The band explains ‘Feel The Same is a story of mental struggle, of feeling unsatisfied despite having the perfect life on paper”

Detailing that unfulfilled feeling perfectly, ‘Feel The Same’ may be about mental struggles, but it’s the killer instrumentation that comforts the insecurities. With a fierce arrangement that could only be described as the cool factor whacked up to 9000, this anthem needs a leather jacket and a motorbike ready.

Still at the beginning of their career, Ora Violet are one of those outfits you find that instantly steal your heart. If you’re into good old fashioned classic rock with a modernised twist to it, ‘Feel The Same’ is for you.

Featuring dirty guitars and monotone vocals, the track feels reminiscent to The Stooges and especially Iggy Pop. Slightly nudging towards indie music too, Ora Violet are a cross-genre band that have something for everyone.