Otherish – Pyramids of Tir Chonaill

Post-popsters Otherish release fearless leading single 'Pyramids of Tir Chonaill' from self titled debut album

Post-popsters Otherish release fearless leading single ‘Pyramids of Tir Chonaill’ from self titled debut album

Imagine Radiohead jamming with the Syd Barrett era of Pink Floyd and you’ll be on the same wavelength as Otherish’s new single ‘Pyramids of Tir Chonaill’.

A visionary from the get-go, the new track isn’t afraid to be adventurous and unpredictable.

Sounding somewhat like a drug trip, this track will also be a hit for people that like to visualise music too.

Eccentric yet still paying ode to modern-day culture, Otherish’s new anthem is taken from their unique self-titled debut album, also out worldwide tomorrow.

Pyramids are a dream-reality image: real, because these Irish Pyramids are actual mountains, dreamlike because Otherish is partly Irish musicians who live in Bristol, who can only really dream about The Pyramids of Tír Chonaill; and partly living in Ireland, where those beautiful mysterious forms are on the real horizon. – Francis Kane

Getting away from Belfast and into the timeless space of Tir Chonaill has been a big deep healing energy in all of my wee life.” – Paul Bradley

Indie-rock with elements of psychedelia and experimental music, ‘Pyramids of Tir Chonaill’ isn’t for the faint-hearted, and that’s what makes us love it even more.

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