Rachel Jack – Magazine Girls

Rachel Jack’s new single ‘Magazine Girls’ is a true beauty

Rachel Jack’s new single ‘Magazine Girls’ is a true beauty

Rachel Jack returns with ‘Magazine Girls’, the first of four tracks to be released from an upcoming EP of the same name.

Out worldwide tomorrow, the shimmering electro-pop anthem is futuristic and features one of the most cinematic productions you’ll hear this week.

Nudging influences Churches, La Roux, Robyn and Lorde, this empowering number retains Rachel’s infectious character.

A big middle fingers up to the unachievable beauty standards imposed on women, ‘Magazine Girls’ is simply a work of art.

Rachel Jack explains, “Magazine Girls is a bit of a dig at the magazine industry, and the media’s portrayal of women in general.  There’s not a day that goes by where I’m not seeing advertisements for beauty products, targeted specifically to my insecurities. 

I’m tired of striving towards unachievable beauty standards that teams of people spend days creating for the sake of advertising.”  

A true beauty within the alt-pop world, ‘Magazine Girls’ clearly states that the upcoming EP is worthy of a trophy.

Teaming up with award-winning producer and former classmate DUNT, the new single is a collaboration straight from paradise.