TERRENCE615 – New Season

TERRENCE615 Unveils Uplifting Single ‘New Season’

TERRENCE615 Unveils Uplifting Single ‘New Season’

Mixing elements of pop, rap and R&B to make his own unique sound, TERRENCE615 returns with his euphoric new track ‘New Season’.

TERRENCE615 provides a nostalgic ambience through vibrant synths and lyrics that make the listener reflect on what they’ve achieved. 

“New Season started as an accident and turned into an anthem for realizing how far you’ve come on the journey” TERRENCE615 shares. 

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, the artist credits his religious upbringing and his enthusiasm for hip-hop and rap music as making him the artist he is today.

Now he is keen to make music that resonates with people through expressing his own emotions.

“Music is energy and to be able to put my genuine feelings into the air for others to experience and feel is spiritual,” adds TERRENCE615.

Immersive and cinematic in every way possible, this track commands your attention from the first note.