The Bonnie Doons – JIÉM

With an EP on the upcoming horizon, The Bonnie Doons share new release ‘JIÉM’

Cross-genre outfit The Bonnie Doons unveil new anthem ‘JIÉM’. Already attracting attention from NME, The Bonnie Doons are quickly becoming a new addiction.

Taken from their upcoming EP ‘The Betweeners’, ‘JIÉM’ may be short, but it’s certainly sweet.

On ‘Jiem’, The Bonnie Doons stated, “In this song we talk about physical attraction – how easy it is to fall into the trap of infatuation, and that sometimes it’s best not to jump straight into the fun. It can be a kind of shallow pursuit if that’s the only pillar the relationship is founded on.

It was originally recorded as a much longer and quite different sounding song, then Govinda (mixing engineer) sent back a mix accidentally muting everything but the vocals and bass and gave me a completely new take on it.

So we kept the vocals, cut the song in half, and I just redid the rest of the track one afternoon in my room. Using DI guitars and MIDI drums. It came together very quickly.”

Armed with a fierce indie arrangement, this alternative wonder grips onto individuality like it’s life depends on it. An outfit fuelled with character and personality, ‘JIÈM’ gives an insight to a fantastic EP ahead.