The Pines – It’s Good to Get Lost

Emerging band The Pines are clearly stating they're ones to watch in their new release 'It's Good to Get Lost'

Emerging band The Pines are clearly stating they’re ones to watch in their new release ‘It’s Good to Get Lost’

Indie rock quartet The Pines unleash their latest single ‘It’s Good to Get Lost’ into the wild. Stating 90s brit-pop and modern day indie rock scenes to be huge influences to their songwriting, the new release clearly illustrates The Pines could well become the next best band to come out of Birmingham.

“It’s Good to Get Lost” is something to simply get lost in. A track to introduce your friends to the world of The Pines, it’s an elevating release that feels somewhat reassuring during these uneasy times.

The Pines mentioned, “‘It’s Good to Get Lost explores the themes of escapism, hope and unity, wrapping them up in sonic youthful energy. It serves to highlight the dichotomy of living in a supposedly liberal society only to be burdened by the crushing weight of expectation from those above.

Either life is a materialistic fight for survival, or a meaningful gathering of tales, lessons and experiences such as which are later passed down for our children, when we finally decide to grow up.”

A track that could easily unite worst enemies, ‘It’s Good to Get Lost’ may feel youthful, but it’s The Pines’ most mature single to date.

Showcasing growth within the band since their releases back in 2019, this band could easily support some of the biggest indie bands in the world.

You’ve heard it here first, The Pines? A necessity to your playlist and a band deserving of fame.