Tom Did It – Thinking Too Much

Tom Did It returns with passionate new anthem ‘Thinking Too Much’

Tom Did It returns with passionate new anthem ‘Thinking Too Much’

Written in a time of need, ‘Thinking Too Much’ is the latest single from Tom Did It. Expressing through song, Tom uses heart on sleeve lyricism and a soul-baring message that will resonate with listeners across the globe in the new track.

Tom Did It told us that, “The song is for people going through a lot in life or even just a period of hard times (as I was at the time of writing this) and have a lot to think about and therefore a lot to process by themselves. With this song I’m basically sending a message to anyone listening that it’s ok to have a lot going on and it’s ok to talk about it.

In terms of my headspace when writing the track, the day I recorded and wrote it I found out my grandma go diagnosed with cancer and had a lot of things going on in my head at the time and the first thing that came to my head was that I was thinking too much (this was the idea I wanted to use for the hook), I thought this was a good topic to continue writing the song to as I know it’s a very relatable subject matter.

Writing the song was the best healing process I could’ve had at the time because it was a great way to let my emotion out, I feel the song wouldn’t be what it is today if I didn’t have that stuff going on in my life at the time”

‘Thinking Too Much’ is bathed in trap sensibilities and features a hard-hitting production throughout the chaotic subject.