VELVET SHAKES return with dance infused number 'WORLD'

VELVET SHAKES return with dance infused number ‘WORLD’

A sort of mental awakening, Velvet Shakes’ latest single ‘World‘ will certainly turn any frown upside down.

Bound to leave you with a smile on your face from it’s danceable nature, Velvet Shakes describe themselves somewhere in between electronic disco and cosmic pop.

Bathed in indie electronica, this refreshing number feels needed during the current darkness of the world.

A glistening track that has the power to unite everyone around you, ‘World’ is a charming single drowning in character.

On their second single of the year, Velvet Shakes stated “‘World’ is about a conscious awakening and the appreciation of our planetary home that came with that. But that’s bittersweet…

The song was actually sparked off by a time Josh was walking down the street and happened to over hear a random guy say “walking around the world’ as part of his conversation – He thought “i like that” and immediately had to write a song about it.”

Colourful and not getting it’s mesmerising instrumentation, ‘World’ is positive and something the globe needed.

Out everywhere tomorrow, stick ‘World’ on repeat at the top of our page, you know you want to!