Teddi Gold returns with ‘Boom Boom’, a huge empowering anthem for equality

The track follows 2020's other infectious new single 'Confetti'.

The track follows 2020’s other infectious new single ‘Confetti’.

Teddi Gold is an artist for whom inequality and injustice have always been a subject close to their heart. As someone who grew up with two dads, the artist has had a unique worldview and experiences that can often inform the art that we create.

New single ‘Boom Boom’ is a wonderful example of that. The track is a fun, bombastic, relentless electro-pop anthem that allows Teddi Gold to speak out against social injustice and use her platform to highlight it. The track is infectious in nature and is yet another welcome addition to the artists ever-growing back-catalogue of bangers. All proceeds from the single are also donated to the ACLU.

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