Skullcrusher releases new single ‘Farm’ and Radiohead cover

The LA artist covered OK Computer era track 'Lift'

The LA artist covered OK Computer era track ‘Lift’

Following her debut EP earlier this year, Skullcrusher has released new track ‘Farm’ and a cover of Radiohead’s ‘Lift’.

On ‘Farm’, Skullcrusher, real name Helen Ballentine, says “I was able to gather a lot of really nostalgic sounds from the area: crickets, cicadas, the beach in Connecticut, and the creaking of old homes”, saying it came from a “time I spent reflecting on my childhood and family”.

As well as the brilliant new single, Skullcrusher’s fantastic cover of Radiohead is a track taken from OKNOTOK, the 20th anniversary reissue of Ok Computer.

Watch the ‘Farm’ video and listen to the ‘Lift’ cover below.


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