Friday Favourites (WRENN, Golda + more)

This week, we’re highlighting new releases from Boyfriend Genes, Lostboycrow, The Pitch Invaders, Aaron Taos, Golda, The Silver Lines, Cherryade, Yammerer, Saint Mars X Tryzdin and WRENN.


This week, we’re highlighting new releases from Boyfriend Genes, Lostboycrow, The Pitch Invaders, Aaron Taos, Golda, The Silver Lines, Cherryade, Yammerer, Saint Mars X Tryzdin and WRENN.

Cherryade – Feel Good

For better or worse, we’ve always had a soft spot for Cherryade. Pre-re-brand they played a gig for us in London, complete with inflatable beach balls, it was definitely one to remember. Their new effort ‘Feel Good’ is another ‘one to remember’, the second taster from their upcoming self-written, self-produced Sinking Ship EP, it’s as sugary sweet as always, but with that same infusion of attitude that they’ve become well known for.

Speaking about ‘Feel Good’, Alex says: “We just really wanted to make a bunch of songs that were fun and carefree, and not overthink things. This song’s about having thick skin and not letting people drag you down, which we’ve learnt is a lot easier said than done. I want to say I feel like we’re like pop underdogs, but at this point it’s more like pop cockroaches – we just won’t die”. 

The Silver Lines – Fallen Idol

Four-piece West Midlands outfit, The Silver Lines have dropped new effort ‘Fallen Idol’. A track narratively inspired by escapism and leaving your troubles behind, but stylistically delivered in an infectious and uplifting manner. The lead vocals have a slight punk edge to them, whilst the guitars take control of the melodies, it seems that The Silver Lines are working hard to find that balance between commercial and authentic indie rock and they may well be succeeding.

Yammerer – Airport

We’ve been excited to share this one for quite some time now. Yammerer’s ‘Airport’ is the lead single from the upcoming EP, Reality Escape Resort and is sure to blow you away. Punk attitude, mixed with indie guitars and gripping vocals, Yammerer are on to a winner with this one, we’re sure.

Saint Mars X Tryzdin – Help

Following the success of ‘Loveghost’, SAINT MARS are back. This time, with viral sensation TRYZDIN, as they collaborate on ‘Help’. The track comes from upcoming concept album Boys Never Cry which follows the narrative of a 13-year-old boy’s experience of bullying. For those not familiar TRYZDIN shot to fame at just 11-years-old when a video of him covering Adele’s ‘Hello’ went viral. ‘Help’ showcases those same vocals, that are now a lot more mature, weaved between the catchy pop hooks and infectious chorus from Saint Mars.

Golda – Wish I Was Someone Else

Raw, intimate and entirely captivating, Golda’s ‘Wish I Was Someone Else’ is an absolute treat to the ears. A taste of her forthcoming self-titled EP, it’s clear that Golda has a real talent for songwriting. A track we’re sure anyone could relate to in some capacity, features a strong piano lead forming a solid base for Golda’s vocals. We may have found one of our alt-pop ones to watch for 2020 right here.

Aaron Taos – Closure

We’re big fans of Aaron here at Clout, and that’s just gone up ten-fold thanks to this new release. A break up anthem to end all break up anthems, Aaron Taos drops new effort, ‘Closure’. Smooth and sleek electro-pop at its finest, prepare yourself for a big dose of emotion, oh, and the video is definitely worth a watch too…

The Pitch Invaders – Mr Bond

Okay so, get ready for a bit of fun. ‘Mr Bond’ is the debut track for The Pitch Invaders and it’s certainly left an impression. Infectious and full of humour, you won’t be left disappointed. For instance, each verse starts and ends with lyrics surrounding Bond’s signature cocktail. That’s all we’re saying, you’ll have to listen for yourself to find out more.

WRENN – Craigslist Personals

Get ready to be blown away with this one. If you’re not already familiar, WRENN is your new hazy, indie rock fave. With that same spark that makes the likes of Wolf Alice so special, we truly believe that WRENN is onto something incredible here. ‘Craigslist Personals’ follows the successful ‘Psychosexual’, and has all the same magical ingredients and more. Dreamy vocals that you know have the potential to bite, intertwined with pure indie guitar work, it’s special. Trust us.

Lostboycrow – Moonlight

‘Moonlight’, the newest and strongest effort from Lostboycrow weaves melodic guitars full of nostalgia between harmonies to die for in one sugary sweet journey of indie pop. Lostboycrow themselves have described the track as “carefree, caffeinated, driving with no destination, calling for no reason, putting all your weight on fragile things with a smile.”

Boyfriend Genes – Telephone

American indie-pop duo, Boyfriend Genes have delivered a psych-pop bop in new effort ‘Telephone’. Pairing sharp synths with a gripping narrative, ‘Telephone’ follows the tale of a relationship hanging in the balance between loneliness and unhealthy dependence. Speaking on the track they explain how they “found it interesting to examine how some relationships might be based off of fear of not having a partner, rather than genuine compatibility.”