ICYMI (Char, Beck Pete + More)

ICYMI highlights the tracks from the past week we really don’t want you to miss out on!

This weeks edition features new music from Char, Beck Pete, Shore Drive, Maria Shockey, Agat, Peachcurls, Secret Shame, Kit Major, Reuben Gray and Liquid Time.

Char – Operator

“Mixing bassy tones with skittish beats and soft coos, Char’s vocal is simultaneously disarming and powerfully abrupt as she muses on her behaviour, both self-conscious and self-assured.” Find out more about ‘Operator’ here.

Beck Pete – Whiskey #4

“Full of tension, the track is centred around the power dynamic between two people struggling to figure out how they fit. When the bass kicks in, you’re going to want to be sat down. Simply stunning. And don’t even get us started at the breakdown circa 3 minutes.” Find out more about the track as part of our Friday Favourites.

Shore Drive ft Stella in the Clouds – Chaser

“Proving Shore Drive’s versatility, the band range from acoustic ballads such as this one to distorted, stadium rock anthems. Hearing a song as pure as “Chaser” in today’s digital age is nostalgic and vulnerable.” Check out our premiere of the track here.

Maria Shockey – You Don’t Get to Know

“Her debut single; it’s quite the statement to arrive to, but naturally… we love it. Raw, honest songwriting paired with a stand to attention production, have made for quite the pop bop.” Find out more about the track here.

Agat – I’ve Done It Again

“Mixing an understated tempo with skittish beats and ominously buzzing synth, their latest release meanders between spooky strings, sombre tones and intimate vocals before it segues seamlessly into fuzzy guitar riffage.” Find out more about ‘I’ve Done It Again’ here.

Peachcurls – Perfume

“Colouring the soundscape with a fine brush, each instrument is as important as the next. Making a crucial statement throughout the number, you will simply end up singing along to this song wherever you like it or not.” Check out our premiere of ‘Perfume’ here.

Secret Shame – Gift

“Echoing contemporaries such as Savages and classic 80s bands such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, the new single is propelled forth by urgent basslines and rollicking drumbeats with raw guitar work and the abrupt and emotive delivery of vocalist Lena.” Find out more about ‘Gift’ here.

Kit Major – Pray 2 Pop

“There’s something sinister and scary-like about the track that will lift you out of your seat onto some sort of dance floor. It’ll bite you with it’s electricity and energy, it’s like Lady Gaga’s early rebellion phase mixed with a warming production.” Check out our premiere of ‘Pray 2 Pop’ here.

Reuben Gray – Temptation

“A shimmering alternative pop anthem that draws comparisons to contemporaries such as Troye Sivan and Charlie Puth, the track is packed with indelible melodies that ensure it sticks with you.” Find out more about the track here.

Liquid Time – Living

“Musically, it identifies with contagious guitar melodies and a wide reverb throughout all the instruments. Featuring a wall of noise, the blissful number washes all doubts away and indicates the start of a new journey for the band.” Check out our premiere of ‘Living’ here.