EP Review: The Trusted – Lost Soul

The UK indie rock outfit capture human struggle with resonating and captivating effect on their excellent new EP

Since 2017, UK indie rock outfit The Trusted have been developing a charismatic and expansive sound that is packed full of personality and life, with tracks ranging from heartfelt ballads to soaring anthems across their stellar and ever-growing back catalogue. The latest addition to their collection of releases comes in the form of their excellent third EP Lost Soul, a release that captures the essence and charm of a band that continue to evolve and showcases layers of depth and charisma.

The first track on the EP is the titular ‘Lost Soul’, an engrossing anthem for anybody that feels unnoticed or unimportant, capturing struggle and hardship in a way that feels both cathartic and inspiring. The pounding nature of the instrumentation and the triumphant heights that the track reaches make for rousing and exciting listening, and set the tone for the EP expertly.

‘Marrow’ follows, a 2023 single that feels like the emotional core of the release, seeing the band taking a rare delve into love song-territory. These themes of human struggle and rawness re-emerge as the track explores themes like love and obsession and the often blurred lines that can separate the two, making for another entirely thought provoking listen.

Things kick into more a explosive indie rock sphere on ‘Doomsday’, a track that feels tailor-made for raucous live audiences, propelled by its driving bass and fuzzy riffs. This track is The Trusted at their most hook-heavy and stadium sized, buzzing with the kind of effortless catchiness and charisma that few are able to create.

The track is followed by ‘Gimme Your Devotion’, an introspective and thoughtful track that continues to highlight the sheer variety and scope of the EP. The chorus here feels as big ever but the track as a whole feels much more considered and subdued than the EP’s more explosive moments, showcasing The Trusted as a band that can truly push their indie rock sound into a range of different avenues with impressive and always memorable results.

The theme of relationships and struggle pop back up on the EP’s closer ‘Burning The Night’, with feelings of jealousy rearing their head on an intense track that sees the band continuing to broaden their horizons. The uncertain nature of the narrative and the single’s 5/4 time signature makes for one of the band’s most adventurous and ambitious tracks to date, and one that signs off a complex EP full of a range of themes and emotions with powerful effect.

Lost Soul is an EP that absolutely breezes by, both thanks to the wealth of creativity and different ideas on display and the immersive feel of tracks that have this inherently human and real nature to them. There is a wide range of feelings and emotions explored here throughout the tracks, but this unifying feeling of struggle and having to fight for things is one that many listeners will grip onto and resonate with. Each track has its own story to tell and will grip you in its own way, and more often than not you’re likely to find yourself mirrored within the experiences and messages shown.