Unwrapped: ALICE LILY – Caroline

We had a chat with Birmingham indie rock outfit ALICE LILY about their energetic and intoxicatingly fun new single ‘Caroline’

Their fierce and expansive indie rock sound has seen Birmingham band ALICE LILY grow into one of the most revered and exciting acts in the second city, armed with an energetic charm and flair that feels intoxicating and packed full of life.

The latest single from the band is ‘Caroline’, a sunny, anthemic track that encapsulates everything that feels vibrant and fun about the band. From the narrative about the faltering titular character to the colourful and upbeat instrumental, everything about this track feels relatable and saturated with charming appeal. We had a chat with the exciting rising band to find a bit more about the track, how it came together, and what else ALICE LILY have planned for the near future as they continue their ascent.

Hey! We love your new single ‘Caroline’, what more can you tell us about it?

Hiyaa!! Omg thank you so much! We are so excited to finally have this track out, Caroline has been a fan favourite since we started playing it at live shows back in August, so we had quite a few people waiting on it haha.

The track is definitely a landmark for us, it shows a real turn in our musical direction and kind of solidifies this sound we have been working towards achieving, we’re super happy with the track and twitter especially has seemed to love it!

What was the process like putting it together?

So it was actually a super weird recording session for this track actually. We turned up to the studio with a very basic demo of the song, which was just Alice’s vocals and a piano. Having never played the song together as a band, or even heard it, we kinda just jammed it out while recording our takes! The whole process only took a couple hours, and we sent it over to be mix and mastered by the incredible Tom Cory (who smashed it on literally his first version)!

What were your biggest influences when creating the track?

We had just come off a couple dates of tour with the band Lovejoy when we started writing this track, at the time we were listening to a LOT of summer vibe indie bands; Catfish & The Bottlemen, Two Door Cinema Club, Circa Waves. The track definitely does have a bit of a summery vibe compared to some of our other music, it’s definitely one of our most upbeat too!

You’ve described the track as the band going back to your roots, how do you mean that?

Well back in 2021 when the band first started, some of the first tracks were learnt were songs like “Turn” – Wombats, “Remember when” – Wallows & “Prom Queen” – Beach Bunny. But we kind of started to steer away from that sound as our writing progressed. You can hear it in our EP “Under The Lights” and especially in our last single “Echoes”. But with Caroline we decided to keep the best aspects of our later music, while doubling down on those classic indie roots.

What else do you have planned for the near future?

We can’t reveal too much… but this definitely isn’t the only new music you’ll hear from us over the next few months!

We’ve been working super hard on a secret project over the past 8 months and can’t wait to finally start putting everything out into the world!!