Unwrapped: AOIFE – day dreamin

We had a chat with AOIFE about the experimental grand finale to her lush debut EP when all is said and done

AOIFE‘s debut EP when all is said and done is packed full of a litany of highlights and moments that encapsulate the rousing charm and appeal of the artist, so when we had the chance to chat with the artist and explore one of them a bit further we were quite literally spoilt for choice as to what to write about. Ultimately, we went with ‘day dreamin’, the closer for the EP and the track that sees her standing tall following the rollercoaster of emotions on the collection of tracks, making for an emphatic conclusion.

The track does a perfect job of showcasing all of the quirks and intricacies of the Irish-born, Hamilton-based artist, incorporating a plethora of different ideas and styles to make for a sound that feels worthy of being this grand conclusion to her first EP. From its sonic complexities, to the personality and charm that she displays through her earnest, emotive performance, to the sheer sense of catharsis and energy that radiates from the sound, we love ‘day dreamin’, and found out some more about the track and how it came together when we had a chat with the rising artist.

Hey! We love your single ‘day dreamin’, what more can you tell us about it?

Hi! Cheers, I appreciate that. There is a lot to unfold in day dreamin. It’s definitely the most experimental track I’ve done so far and the last tune I wrote for this EP. It’s essentially missing that person you were once with, but remembering things with rose coloured glasses are not the way they actually were. We often can find ourselves daydreaming and exaggerating certain memories, twisting them into what we wish they were and longing for that as oppose to the reality, so I tried my best to encompass that experience in this tune.

What was the process like putting it together?

Quite exciting! I was playing with the same chord progression for days and coming up with so many vocal options that I loved so I knew I wanted to run with it. I think I have about 10 different voice memos when I wrote this song of a lot of different options haha, I knew I wanted it to “slap” if you will, and be a summer tune people can vibe to with the windows down, ya know? And this song had so much room for experimentation, so when I brought it bare bones with vocals, piano and a genre idea to Levi Kertesz and Devon Savas, they picked up the same vibes and potential and really got to experimenting which took us all out of our comfort zone in a way, but I think we made something pretty great if I do say so myself.

What were your biggest influences when creating the track?

Besides my daydreams haha? well, I was listening to a lot of Dua Lipa’s album Future Nostalgia at the time! And I believe that sound really seeped into my ears and song writing. That album is so well done and produced, so definitely inspired day dreamin’. Bon Iver also experimented a lot with effects and auto tune in 22, A Million and I think it’s done so beautifully. So when writing the intro for day dreamin’, my producer Dervish Kucukovic and I really looked at that album for inspiration.

How does the track fit into your new EP when all is said and done?

My EP takes you through my emotional journey of a break up. It goes from sad, to happy, to spiteful, back to sad again..day dreamin is like coming up for water after jumping into a deep pool of water. It’s a feel good and honest tune and that’s where I find myself standing after going through all of those ups and downs, so I couldn’t imagine ending the EP with any other track.

What else do you have planned for the near future?

Next order of business is playing shows which will start happening at some point this year. Playing live music for people is what I love to do, so I can’t wait to perform these songs live with my incredible band for all the people who have supported this release. I’m also writing a lot, so more music to come at some point forever and always. An album is definitely a huge goal of mine, and I also would love to start collaborating with other artists that I love who are in the scene.

But for now, my coffee is done brewing, so off I go! Thank you 🙂