Unwrapped: Ben Murphy – The Edge

The rising UK artist continues to showcase the heart and emotion of his sound on his thoughtful sophomore single

Since the release of his thoughtful and immersive debut single ‘All I Do’, Ben Murphy is an artist that we have held in high regard, awaiting a follow up from the rising UK singer-songwriter following the transfixing nature of his first release.

Fortunately for us, Ben has now released his sophomore single ‘The Edge’, a track that sees him venture into more emphatic territory, utilising a full band sound to craft a poignant narrative about the cycles of anxiety and self-destruction that so many people tend to find themselves in. Through this sound and writing there is a real sense of rawness and catharsis that feels blisteringly real and exnihilating, and while Ben’s story is one that feels personal, there are many ways that listeners can attach themselves to his experiences of regret and self-doubt. The end result is a new release that feels as anthemic and charming as it does steeped in earnesty and heart, and one that continues to showcase the nuance and appeal of Ben Murphy’s sound. We had a chat with the artist to find out a bit more about his second single and what the process of putting it together was like.

We love your new single ‘The Edge’, what was the process like putting it together?

The song began in London Euston station, after a night out that went too far i missed my last train. It was me, the builders on the night shift and a burger king takeaway.

I had a chorus idea and some very wobbly verses that I later ironed out in a session in london. Once the production process began I could feel we had the right energy coming through and we ran with it.

What were your biggest influences when creating the track?

Any track with drums driving through it. Eg. The Strokes – Last Night, Sam Fender – Seventeen Going Under, Bruce Springsteen – Dancing In The Dark. Most Songs on my playlist that i’d play before going out or driving my car somewhere. Those Intense moments of anticipation or nostalgia need a soundtrack and I tried my hardest to bring that feeling out and hopefully people resonate with it the way I did with some of those songs.

How did you find it different to crafting your lauded debut single ‘All I Do’?

It was very different. ‘All I Do’ was recorded in a bedroom and felt very personal and nothing to hide behind. This however, was the first full band sound I’ve gone for in a song. My initial worry was not having a full band and live studio space to record it all. Because, if i was going to record a live band sound I wanted it to be right. But the producer Brookfeild took care of that, we recorded guitars and live drums together and I think it brings that energy through the speakers. It was a much longer process and I was worried I’d bit off more than I could chew but the end goal was definitely worth it.

What else do you have planned for the near future?

More Gigs, that’s my primary thought at least. I played a headline show last year in London’s Courtyard Theatre and I’m chasing the feeling of people singing my music with me and hopefully bringing them some joy in return. More music to come and hopefully keep writing music that I love and other people want to listen to.