Unwrapped: Chloé Sautereau – Get to Know You Game

We had a chat with Chloé Sautereau about her relatable and captivating new single ‘Get to Know You Game’ and future plans

The chances are that you’ve been there at one point or another, stuck on the monotonous merry-go-round of modern dating, bouncing through apps and meaningless encounters that rarely make it past the surface level. Lucky for you, Chloé Sautereau has taken all of your frustrations and grievances and put them into a moving and raw new track that feels as poignant and stirring as it is hopelessly relatable.

‘Get to Know You Game’ is (somehow) the rising artist’s debut single under her full name, and showcases poised and immersive sound that grips you from the offset. The stripped-back rawness and vulnerable nature of the lyrics makes for a visceral and powerful experience that feels stark and gripping, almost conversational in its candid honesty and appeal. We love this release and the warm sense of personality and charm that radiates from Chloé Sautereau throughout, we had a chat with the artist just to find out a bit more about how it came together and some of the inspiration behind the track.

We love your new single ‘Get to Know You Game’, what more can you tell us about it?

Thank you so much! I wrote “Get to Know You Game” in February of 2022, and it was really one of those songs that just sort of poured out of me in 15 minutes – at least the hook – and I find that those are often the ones that stick. It was born from being tired of small talk the feeling of losing oneself in a world of dating apps & the vain search for the “one” – ultimately, just having the desire for something real. Intimate and still somewhat fierce, I hope there’s something freeing in its rawness too.

What was the process like putting it together?

I played it live a few times over the past year and it started to resonate with people and actually felt really topical in my generation’s experience with dating I think. It’s funny because it still feels so accurate to me like over year later haha. I think that’s why I really wanted to share it. I tracked guitar and vocals last summer at Corner Store studios in Manhattan with CJ Colon, with no particular plan to release it just yet, but coming back here after spending a semester in Berlin, it still felt like that was the most honest delivery I would get of it. So this spring I just decided to build around it… It’s the first time I really release something that I’ve produced myself, as simple as it is. My friend Emma Wellons played bass on it and I recorded backing vocals partly at home because I think that’s where I tend to “hear” the most possibilities – and in part always with the help of one of my best friends Luke Girzadas, who is so patient with me when it comes to harmonies:) It was beautifully mixed and mastered by Harry Burr.

What were your biggest influences when creating the track?

I listen to a lot of Holly Humberstone, Del Water Gap, MUNA, FINNEAS, and then like Joni Mitchell of course, across the board, so they, among others, always influence me. For vocals and mixes, I’m obsessed with carobae’s “i don’t miss you” and I think I always have that in the back of my mind.

We love the immersive rawness of the sound, is that something that you strive for in your writing?

Thank you!! Absolutely, so that means a lot. Story-telling is always a priority for me so having my voice be at the fore-front is vital. It’s a very internal dialog kind of a song, as many questions as it raises to a “potential someone”, it’s definitely a series of things you think to yourself more so than things you might actually say out loud so playing with background vocals and stacking those and sort of painting the pictures of this intimate but still restless, whirlwind-y atmosphere was what I hoped for – I love that you used the term immersive for that. And the guitar playing those 1/8th notes is a really driving factor for this track I think, so I thought it was important to have it feel grounding at the same time. Together, even though it’s a fairly bare track, I hope there’s a bit of a visceral feeling to it.

What else do you have planned for the near future?

There’s a music video that’ll follow this release by a couple weeks, which I’m really excited for! And after that I’m planning a release approximately every six weeks; it’s all singles in the same stripped back vein… I’m just eager to share these songs and see how people receive this rawer version of the music I make. They’ll hopefully all be wrapped up in an album by next spring or summer. And in the meantime I have a series of shows coming up over the summer, which I’m excited for.

And everything else I’ll announce both on social media and my mailing list.