Unwrapped: Elina Filice – Don’t Let Me Fall

We had a chat with Elina Filice about the thoughtful nuance of her latest single and music video ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’

Despite its upbeat and danceable feel, Canadian singer-songwriter and entrepreneur Elina Filice‘s latest single ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’ has more than a hint of darkness that creeps in through its thoughtful narrative.

The track explores a depressive decline and spiralling mental health, providing a stark juxtaposition to the energetic and feel-good nature to the sound and its danceable, electronic pop roots. The considered nature of the lyrics and the creative and stellar music video that accompany the track do a great job of articulating this struggle in a litany of ways, with the latter featuring hands literally dragging the artist down to paint quite an on the nose picture of the hold that the depression can have on you and the difficulties that you can face trying to break free from it. The track and the video have a really immersive and powerful feel to them, and there is so much to unpack and dissect, so we had a chat with Elina to find out some more about the release and some of the meaning behind it.

Hey! We love your new single ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’, what more can you tell us about it?

Aw thank you! It’s inspired by the dangerous combo of mental health and relationships. It’s dedicated to anyone who’s ever been there: loving someone in a depressive decline, someone fixating on your love and depending on you for their stability. The song is driving and manic, and the video is supposed to reflect that same manic energy through visual frenzy.

What were your biggest influences with the sound?

I have commitment issues when it comes to genre, which you’ll be able to hear in this track. I always try to create something that sounds unique but still sounds like me.  For this one, I wanted a relentless dance beat, which is  a sound I’d never really ventured into before. But I also wanted the funky blues-influenced guitars that ring through my music to drive the track. As well as my signature sad but upbeat lyrics. Mixx it all together and you get this track!

We love the creative and unique feel to the music video, what was the thought process behind it?

I brought my initial idea to friend and long-time collaborator Phil. I wanted something that involved a lot of destruction and chaos, to represent spiralling self-destruction, internal chaos, and a distancing from reality. He had the idea of adding dancers, which I think adds a lot of visual interest.  Most of the video was shot against a plain brick wall, with the subjects in question coming and going, smashing, kissing, grabbing, smoking, screaming… you’ll just have to go watch it.

What was the process like putting the video together?

This shoot was actually alot of fun. It was great seeing Phil and Kayla vibe together, they are both really amazing dancers and it was awesome seeing them vamp and freestyle on the spot. The rest of the shoot was Phil and I smashing stuff against a wall, which was actually cathartic. I’d say this is our most ambitious visual yet, and I’m super proud of the work that went in and how it turned out.

What else do you have planned for the near future?

So much more music! With me you never know what genre of song I’m gonna release next, so you’ll just have to stay tuned 🙂

As well as promoting my music startup, Drop Rocket, a new tool for independent artists that helps them release new music. I use it for all of my releases, it really simplifies the process and gives you a clear path to follow for all of your releases, which is crucial when you have limited time and resources.