Unwrapped: Frannie B – game over

We had a chat with exciting Oxford dance-pop artist Frannie B about her dynamic and inspiring new single ‘game over’

On her anxious and cathartic new single ‘game over’, celebrated Oxford artist Frannie B continues to showcase the indelible charm and appeal of her distinctive sound, melding heartfelt lyrics with immersive, danceable electronic soundscapes to make for a style that feels entirely her own, wrapped in passion, composure and energy throughout.

In a nice stylistic touch, the track also sees the artist reconnecting with her old kids choir and getting the current members in the studio to be apart of the track and add another dimension to the sound. This, when paired with the earnest and thoughtful nature of the lyrics makes for a wholly authentic and powerful feeling listening experience that has mountains of heart and charm while boasting such a larger than life, all-encompassing sound. We had a chat with the artist about how the new release together and the unique experience that she had recording it.

Hey! We love your new single ‘game over’, what more can you tell us about it?

Thank you so much! I wrote the song when I was feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed with my direction in life. I was scrolling through social media too much and comparing my success to everyone else (which I’m sure is something we are all guilty of). So I wrote this song to be very honest about not knowing what I was doing or where I was supposed to be aiming for.  Hopefully this song can remind anyone else feeling the same way that it’s okay to feel unsure because you aren’t alone and just because it feels like a lot now, doesn’t mean that you’ve already lost- you can still try new things and figure yourself out in your own time.

What was the process like putting it together?

I actually wrote this song specifically with my old choir (Oxford Youth Choir) in mind. When I was younger they gave me some amazing industry experiences like doing concerts in other countries and recording in studios with artists which all really inspired me to go on to work in music. So I couldn’t miss the opportunity to work with the new generation and get these kids to experience recording in a studio to hopefully inspire some of them to pursue any musical ambitions they might have.

I wrote the original version of the track alone in my room and wanted to make the choruses feel big and melodic so that they could be elevated by the choir. I then got in touch with an amazing London-based producer (Mason Blu) and we discussed influences. We were both very keen on similar artists so he set to work bringing the track to life and infusing it with dance-pop.

Putting a track together is always so much more enjoyable when you manage to find a small team that is entirely on your wavelength and can bring some new and exciting ideas to the song.

What were your biggest influences when creating the track?

I love listening to pop music with dance influences so that’s also the music I tend to gravitate towards making. A while ago someone told me that as long as *you* love the songs you make, it really doesn’t matter if anyone else does because you know that at least you can enjoy listening to them. This track is very influenced by artists like Bea Miller and NOTD. I took inspiration from the way Bea Millers mixes very honest vulnerable lyrics with strong, pop melodies.

The dance elements in this track are very much inspired by NOTD, their production is always very clean and feels fresh so I wanted to try and incorporate that into this track.

What was the experience like working with your old kids choir?

Getting the kids in the studio was great fun. I attended a few of their rehearsals first to teach them the track and their parts so that everything could run as smoothly as possible once we actually got to the studio. We then recorded them both in smaller groups and as a whole, larger choir in the studio which I think also made the experience more intimate and interesting for them. Despite being so young they were very professional and having an excellent choir director (Colin Danskin) on hand to keep their timings together and really focus in on the details made a huge difference. The whole experience was really enjoyable and hopefully it created a result they love.

What else do you have planned for the near future?

I have some summer shows coming up (in one of which I will be performing this track live with the choir) which I’m very excited for. I am also working on new music which I will be releasing this summer.