Unwrapped: Lola Young – Pill or a Lullaby

We had a chat with the dizzyingly talented Lola Young about ‘Pill or a Lullaby’ from her upcoming new EP After Midnight

Through her soulful and emotive voice and her deeply candid and personal songwriting, Lola Young is an young artist is gaining acclaim for each and every release that she comes out with, and ‘Pill or a Lullaby’ is no exception.

The track is part of her upcoming new EP After Midnight, a body of work that builds off this concept of the thoughts and experiences that the artist has in the early morning. The track has this uniquely powerful ability, like a lot of her work, to feel both deeply personal yet open for listeners to interpret it in their own ways and attribute certain things and messages to their own circumstances and situations. Lola’s writing and her phenomenal voice prove to be the centerpiece of a thoroughly unique style that is stacked full of personality and charm, and really set her apart as an artist who is set for huge things. We had a chat with the artist about the captivating track as we gear up to the release of what could be a landscape-shifting EP.

We love your new release ‘Pill or a Lullaby’, what more can you tell us about it?

Thank you! Pill or a lullaby is a song I wrote about a night of mess and disaster but it is a song about hope too, about befriending things that scare you and the thoughts you have after a mad night or just even on a regular night. Insomnia is real.

What was the process like putting it together?

My process was very cool, I wrote the verses on my own then brought the rest of the song to my mates Conor and Will and we fleshed out the rest. It feels amazing to have people see my vision and actually understand it, it’s rare that you meet people who just get it.

Your tracks are characterised for their really open and honest nature, is that honesty something that comes naturally to you when you write?

Yes, definitely. I love being honest in real life too, but a good white lie won’t hurt anyone. I feel the same way when writing music.

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP After Midnight that the track will feature on?

It is a collection of my thoughts literally after midnight but it is also a story of love, whether it’s a relationship with a friend or a lover. I hope people relate to this in a range of different ways depending on whatever their experience is when it comes to love. Also, some of the songs on the project aren’t even love songs in a conventional way so I can imagine people will feel a range of different things.

What else do you have planned for the near future?

Lots! Not giving away too much but I have been working with Paul Epworth and we have some bangers on their way. Both are about human greed and consumption but also on a surface level they are fun songs and I’m so excited for people to hear them.