Unwrapped: Low Girl – So Cool

We had a chat with Low Girl about the excellent title track from their upcoming second EP

Over the last few years we’ve grown into fans of Low Girl and the candid and often heartbreaking honesty of their lyrics and sound. With sophomore EP So Cool just around the corner, it feels like an exciting time for Low Girl and an even better time to get acquainted with their sound.

A great place to start would be their latest single, the EP’s title track ‘So Cool’. A track surrounded by kaleidoscopic, whirring synths and the now signature thoughtful and introspective lyrics. ‘So Cool’ is a track about being in a romantic situation with a person who manages to be just that, withthe track managing to be just as cool itself, with its upbeat, sunny melodies masking the often somber nature of its lyrics. The end result is a multi-faceted and thoughtful piece of work that offers plenty to sink your teeth into, and we had a chat with Low Girl in order to find out some more about one of our favourite new tracks.

We love your new single ‘So Cool’, what more can you tell us about it?

This track was a reworked song that we wrote together in 2018. It used to sound pretty….messy. But I knew there was some potential and I didn’t wanna give up on it! It’s interesting for me to listen to now because it marries together two different eras of song writing.

What was the process like putting the track together?

Really challenging! It was our first time going analogue, and it was also tricky finding a balance in the sound. But despite that, we had so much fun in the studio showing off our various parts so hopefully that comes across too.

What should we expect from your upcoming second EP of the same name?

You should expect that classic Low Girl cocktail of bops n ballads. The Big Now EP was made up of songs I’d recorded over the years, whereas we recorded all of these tracks in a week. That comes across in the sound as I *personally* think it flows really nicely and acts as a bookmark to that chapter of our lives.

Themes of things like loneliness and mental health seem to pop up quite a lot in your work, how cathartic do you find the experience of expressing these feelings in your music?

Extremely cathartic. There’s nothing on earth that compares to the relief I get mentally from writing music.  I really struggle to articulate how I feel in words as I often try way too hard to mask my OCD. It’s exhausting, so it’s been a real lifeline for me to feel like I have somewhere to express the ugly parts of myself.

What else does Low Girl have planned for the future?

We have some fun stuff we’ve been writing recently that we’d love to put out there! But in general, we just want to keep riding whatever waves come our way (that sounds profound) and have fun while we do it.