Unwrapped: Nissu – Connection

We had a chat with Dublin based artist Nissu about his collaborative and effortlessly fun new single ‘Connection’

Dublin based Brazilian artist Nissu has re-emerged with his new single ‘Connection’, the first taste of his upcoming EP Memories and a track that is packed full of the fun vibrancy and life that has characterised the artist’s sound and made him feel like such a dynamic and exciting force in modern music.

The new single is all about the theme of connection and the way that lockdown and other factors have forced people to band together and form a sense of oneness with each other. There is a real sense of dynamism and charm to the sound throughout, featuring a total of nine unique cameos that reinforce this message of unity, brought together through social media to showcase the way that we can still be together even when we’re apart. We love the message and fun upbeat flair of the track, and had a chat with Nissu to find out a bit more about it and its message.

Hey! We love your new single ‘Connection’, what more can you tell us about it?

Thank you so much for the love! “Connection” is a song that explores the themes of unity and resilience. It embodies a sense of joy and freedom, with an upbeat rhythm that encourages listeners to move and feel uplifted and reflects a journey from struggle to joy.

The video brought the visual aspect to life featuring a total of nine amazing individual cameos, capturing the message, energy and vibe of the track. I’m thrilled for everyone to experience it and hope it brings some light and positivity to their day!

What was the process like putting it together?

During the pandemic there was a period where the only permitted outdoor activity was a walk within a 5km radius. I’ve noticed how social media became even more of a platform for sharing experiences, with many people posting selfies from their walks, which inspired the creation of the song and the concept of the video.

Music has always been a way for me to understand the world and process my feelings. When I write about bad times, I focus on turning the negative into positive—whether by finding the bright side, adding humor, or reflecting on how I overcame challenges. This process helps me navigate my emotions and move forward.

So writing Connection was like therapy to help me navigate the difficulties of the pandemic and personal challenges, an when it came to putting the melodies and sounds together, I wanted the song to have a ‘dancing your problems away’ vibe, so this is what I aimed for.

What were your biggest influences when creating the track?

I’m influenced by a lot of people in different ways, whether it comes to writing or sounds. That said, I do remember I was (and still am) listening to a lot of Years & Years and Dua Lipa.

They are both amazing artists who are deeply involved in creating their lyrics and visuals. They are amazing at addressing sometimes difficult topics and getting their messages across through their songs. This help us connect with the lyrics while making it impossible to stay still.

How do you think that social media has helped shape your work as an artist?

Social media has really boosted my art journey. It’s awesome to share my work with so many people and get their reactions. Connecting with other artists and seeing their work also keeps me inspired and motivated to create more.

I come from a generation where the main way to consume an artist’s content was to buy their CDs, watch music TV channels, and read about them in magazines and music news. This has changed; now you can get information and art directly from the creators themselves and learn a lot more about them if you want to. This has definitely shaped my way of using social media as an artist. It has also changed my perception of what it means to be successful, which is now based on every exchange I have with people

What else do you have planned for the near future?

Right now, I’m putting the final touches on my first EP entitled Memories with a total of 6 songs (1 featuring an amazing UK rapper), which is super exciting! It’s set to come out later this year, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Besides that, I’m looking forward to creating more and connecting with fans. Lots of good stuff coming up, so keep an eye on it!