Unwrapped: Orchards – Leave Us Here (We’re Fine)

Photo: Jessie Morgan

We took the deep dive with Orchards on new single ‘Leave Us Here (We’re Fine) and their exciting new direction

Over the past five years, Brighton outfit Orchards have been beguiling and surprising us with their thoroughly unique take on alternative pop that has seen them take an array of stylistic risks and unique turns.

Latest release ‘Leave Us Here (We’re Fine)’ feels like a rallying cry from the outfit. Comfortable in their own skin and operating on their own terms, Orchards, moreso than ever, feel like they are truly stepping into their own and re-finding themselves on this latest release. The result is a track that may be their most memorable and infectious to date, boasting a catchy chorus that refuses to leave you alone even long after your listen. The sharp, unique edges are still there, but Orchards have packaged their sound in a carefree, unapologetic, alt-pop sheen that feels impossibly accessible and fun. The future looks exciting, and filled with massive hooks.

We love your new release ‘Leave Us Here (We’re Fine)’, what more can you tell us about it?

The phrase ‘Leave Us Here We’re Fine’ was the working title of our debut album. It’s a phrase that really resonated with us. I expanded on the chorus following on from a few of the protests and vigils last year; this is our anti establishment song. Whatever these lyrics mean to you is completely valid, but for me they are a kick back to societal norms. “You used me to gain some rich affection but never wanted me anyway” is a reflection of how creatives are celebrated in one second then considered useless in the next!

What was the process like putting it together?

We wrote it last year whilst separated from each other, like most bands I assume. It was totally new for us, we’re so used to just smashing something out in a practice room but this time we could be more critical and break sections down. We taught ourselves how to use Logic and went down a totally new route of writing which led to loads of exciting new ideas and it’s always fun breaking out of your normal way of doing things. We always write with our live show in mind and this was no exception, we can’t wait to start playing this new stuff and letting loose to it.

What was the inspiration behind the music video?

We just wanted to dive around together again, something upbeat, fun, bright and energetic. We did one run through of the track and all of us were sweating and out of breath – we’re so unfit from sitting on our arses for 18 months! Need to get in some practice to be back with you all again..!

How do you think that your sound and outlook has changed over the last five years releasing music?

This April was the 5 year anniversary of our first single release. When we started the band I think we had an idea of a sound we wanted to achieve and we focused on that. Nowadays we don’t have that much of an idea of what “sound” we are aiming for but rather we just want to write music that makes us happy and want to play it to as many people as possible. I think the last 18 months or so has definitely instilled in us that we aren’t going to stop ourselves writing what we want, there are no holds barred anymore. We write music that we’d want to listen to and hope that people feel the same!

What more should we expect from Orchards in the near future?

What’s coming is different. A new energy. A new outlook. A brand new sound, but keeping to our roots. Someone recently said to us “Metal heads make the best pop music” and I think that totally works with this new wave of music… but never fear the high kicks and happy breakdowns aren’t going anywhere!