Unwrapped: Rein Mali – Give You Space

We had a chat with rising Australian artist Rein Mali about his slick and expansive new single ‘Give You Space’

On his engrossing and effortlessly slick third single ‘Give You Space’, rising Australian artist Rein Mali continues to showcase his genre-bending and creative style, putting his unique spin on a more conventionally UK based R&B sound and injecting it with elements of nu jazz, neo soul and pop for a memorable and smooth feel.

The artist’s latest single ‘Give You Space’ explores a the important of giving yourself space to breathe and grow, providing yourself with the tools for introspection. The soulful and rhythmic tone of the artist’s sound feels almost hypnotic throughout, offering a throwback atmosphere but with more modern and polished stylings to give it the feel of both an instant classic while remaining fresh and revitalising for the genre. We love the seamless way that this track floats across its duration, and had a chat with Rein Mali to find out some more about his journey and how the new single came together.

Hey! We love your new single ‘Give You Space’, what more can you tell us about it?

Yo, Thanks for having me Clout. The song is my third single, it’s my version of a retrospective warm neo-soul anthem and the song is about self-love and mental health. It’s about embracing yourself and all the past versions you came with, being able to show yourself love through all moments and most importantly, giving yourself the room to grow. I wrote the song in third person view, as if i were a house plant or piece of artwork in gallery, do with that information what you will.

What was the process like putting it together?

Hands down this has been one of my most favourite songs to write and put together. The song started from very basic bones: a 4 bar drum loop, a chord progression I wrote, a really nice synth I found and the chorus hook recorded. When I brought it to my homie/producer Corban Chapple, it was like Christmas. Every time we got together in the studio, the song just kept evolving in the best way and so many dope ideas were just appearing one after the other. The creative process itself was just a constant flow of inspiration and the song really grew and ‘became’ in the most organic way for sure. Collaborating with Corban really opened up horizons to new musical ideas I never touched, so the song is very much a combination of what I know best with what Corban does best.

What were your biggest musical influences when creating the track?

D’Angelo, Radiant Children and just UK R&B in general. Being an R&B/Soul artist from Australia, it’s not exactly the R&B/Soul capital of the world, so it was really cool in the process of the creating the song to look at the standard the UK has been creating in the R&B realm, I really resonate with sound as a whole so naturally this song kind of brought out those same vibes and colours. Radiant Children’s music had a huge influence of the sound aesthetic of Give You Space for sure.

Also, D’Angelo is my goat and I feel there will always be a piece of D’Angelo in all the songs I’ve written.

With this being your third single, do you feel that your sound is evolving over time?

Definitely. I would even call ‘Give You Space’ my entrance to the world of Alternative R&B. I feel like my music will always have that early 2000s feel but Give You Space really stretched me from my ‘go-to’s in song writing and composition.

Give You Space’ is definitely a different colour to what my sound is and who I am as an artist.

What else do you have planned for the near future?

You can expect another single very soon that’s for sure. You could also expect my first music video too. Rumour has it an EP is in the works? Also, you never know I might mess around and drop some merch on your asses. Fr tho, I got a whole lot of cool things planned for the future and can’t wait to get it out there for the masses.