Unwrapped: Tatum Quinn – Short Supply

We had a chat with Montreal singer-songwriter Tatum Quinn about her anthemic new single ‘Short Supply’

As you might have guessed, Montreal singer-songwriter Tatum Quinn has grown into a real favourite of ours in recent times, with her abrasive, hard-edged, pop rock anthems finding homes in the playlists of ourselves and countless others who have fallen for the artist’s anthemic sound. There is a real larger than life charisma and personality to Tatum, and it bleeds through all of her tracks, dominating proceedings and making already memorable tracks feel entirely her own.

The latest release from the artist, ‘Short Supply’, takes her empowering and anthemic tendencies and turns them up to 11, dripping with intensity and the artist’s trademark powerhouse vocals. From it’s themes about feeling trapped, to the emphatic way that the artist brings the track to life with her electric vocals, this has all f the potential to grow into something of a modern rock cult classic. We really love this track, and sought to have a track with Tatum about it, what inspired its witty and incisive narrative and the way that the sound came together.

We love your new single ‘Short Supply’, what more can you tell us about it?

Hey Clout, It’s such a pleasure to be chatting with you again & thanks so much for the love on my newest record Short Supply!

Short Supply was written with the thought that … “I’m not gonna be available or attainable to anybody that takes my time, love or kindness for granted”.

There’s so many of us who constantly give our time, energy & undivided attention to people who only think of us as a “last resort”. These people make us feel undervalued and under-appreciated, so you end up trying even harder to please them and “win” their validation. I’ve experience this in a few relationships; But one day I woke up and said “absolutely-fucking-not! I deserve more & I deserve better than this”! So in my mind I decided that to those people, i’ll be their favourite flavour of ice cream that’s unfortunately always sold out… (whoops… sorry!)

Short Supply was written off this concept & off the idea of lending a helping hand to anyone who’s been in this situation or to anyone who is currently in a similar situation. I wanted to give people a song to help them recognize their worth, to then confidently leave that toxic relationships!

What was the process like putting the track together?

Funny enough, Short Supply was actually supposed to be just a filler song in-between two of my other releases, basically a “throw away song”. Originally I wasn’t super enamoured by the tune & when listening to the demo I just thought… “ya it’s cute but it’s nothing special”. I just wasn’t hyped about it at all. Fast forward, I brought Short Supply to my producer Matt Nozets and we started messing around with different sounds & possibilities; Within the first session my whole perspective changed. I was honestly really shocked about the “new” potential of this song and was finally excited about this track! I was even more excited to share it with the world. The crazy thing is that Short Supply ended up being SO much more than I could have ever imagined & now it’s one of my top favourite songs that i’ve release so far!

What was the thought behind the prison imagery that surrounds the track?

The thought behind Short Supply’s single cover was to play on the lyrical theme of being trapped. So often we find ourselves in toxic relationships; Whether it’s romanic, business, family or friendships, we get trapped in these relationships & often feel like we can’t escape, giving you the feeling of being in-prisoned. I wanted to play on that concept within the imagery!

Your tracks often feel relatable and take quite an empowering stance, is that something that you aim for when you write?

It’s unfortunately so common to feel powerless at some point or another within relationships of all kinds. People try to change how you dress, the way you think & the way you speak. They try to change the things you like or try to control the people you talk too & so much more; So you end up trying to change who you are to fit somebody else’s ideal. We’ve all been there… I know I certainly have!

But that should never be the case. You should NEVER have to change who you are, the way you look or the things you like to please others.

I always wanted to write music to help inspire people the way musicians like Eminem & Elton John did for me. So for Short Supply I wanted to write a song to not only inspire others but to also inspire myself to truly love ourselves. I like to write real, relatable & empowering songs to help people confidently recognize and appreciate their worth, while raising a little hell on those who try to squash you and keep you from shining.

Nobody should ever have the opportunity to lock you up & take away your individuality because we are unique. We are special. We are worthy & anybody who doesn’t see our value should go listen to the end line of Short Supply!

What else do you have planned for the near future?

Oh boy do I have a lot planned… Aside from take over the world with my music, I’ll be dropping another empowering song in the new year called Back In Time. It’s due to release towards the end of January/ early February to start 2023 off with a bang! My plan moving forward is to keep putting out real and relatable music, while connecting with my audience and fans. I also plan to release more music videos, play shows, build relationships and connections with other musicians/ artists doing the same thing and hopefully get a tour booked very soon! So keep your eyes peeled! 😉