Who TF are Each Confide?

We had a chat with Glasgow alt-pop duo Each Confide following the release of their stirring new single ‘Different Day, Still The Same’

As they gradually build up towards the release of their anticipated debut album, Glasgow duo Each Confide are pulling out all of the stops in order to create as much hype and buzz around their engrossing alternative pop sound as possible, including releasing a collection of singles and even a new EP along the way to its impending release in August.

The latest of these singles is ‘Different Day, Still The Same’, a thoughtful and expansive new track that highlights the cute sonic quirks and effortlessly charismatic charm of their soft sound, with its potent synths and hypnotic beats making for an instantly captivating listening experience that feels both nostalgic and modern in equal measure. The band have covered a broad amount of the pop spectrum with their sound, and the new single is just one of a litany of tracks that highlight their creative allure and the adventurous, enduring nature of their fun sound. We had a chat with Each Confide to find out a bit more about them and where that creative spark comes from.

Who TF are Each Confide?

We are a Dream/Synth Pop duo based in Glasgow, composed of Chris Greig & Craig-Russell Horne. We write incredibly catchy tunes that we’re really proud of and share them in the hope that others will love them too!

How long have you been making music?

We both began making music during our school days; however, collectively, we have amassed over 15 years of experience within the music scenes in the central belt of Scotland. Our previous projects have given us some lifelong memories, with both of us selling out shows at King Tut’s in Glasgow probably being the highlight. We’d love to do that again this time around!

Why do you make music?

We’d love to claim that we create music to convey a profound message to the world, but that’s a bit too lofty for us. Truth is, we’re just a pair of daft mates who adore making music together. Our tunes are catchy and often heartfelt, but ultimately, we do it for the sheer joy and love of the craft. There’s something truly special about bringing our creations to life on stage and sharing them with an audience. We feel very lucky to have the avenue to do that.

What are your biggest influences?

We’re both huge admirers of Bon Iver, The 1975, Daft Punk, and James Blake. You might notice traces of their influence in our music, particularly with our – perhaps too much – fondness of autotune…

What would you say has been your best moment so far?

Our debut show was definitely a standout moment. The lead-up to it was quite a logistical challenge, especially with the band name change (we were previously known as MIIRRORS), but managing all of that while preparing for the show was some effort. However, the payoff was huge. Witnessing a packed room of people singing along to songs we crafted in a cramped little box room was an indescribable feeling. The audience you hear singing at the outro to this single is from that night so, to immortalise it and have the people who made it so special on the song with us is really heartening.

How would you describe your sound to somebody unfamiliar with it?

We’ve tried to make a little something for everyone with our discography so far. Big emotional ballads, cheesy synth pop, joyous dream pop, electronic floor fillers… even funk at one point! So we’d say: skim through it, find what you like, keep listening to it and we’ll make more of it!

What’s your dream “I’ve made it” moment?

To be honest, I think we feel a little bit too old for that now. Back when we were 18 it probably would have been “headlining the Barras”, “imagine playing MSG” or something. Now, I think we’ve appreciated the little things more than we probably did before. Hearing people singing along to our music, people sending us videos that our song is playing in some random shop or even when we try something a bit different and pull it off, it’s all a bit mad when you think about it… would still love to play the Barras though!

We love your new album ‘Different Day, Still The Same’, what more can you tell us about it?

I think this song is probably the least “down your throat” song we’ve made. Everything has been very punchy or dramatic sounding. We like the softness and subtlety of this track. When we’ve played it live it’s had a sort of “togetherness” about it and I think we’ve captured that.

What else do you have planned for the near future?

The plan is to stick to the plan! We have done a lot of fumbling around in the dark since starting this band and now it’s just focussing on our online content, playing shows, getting our PR and promotion right. Once we get all that out the door, it’s right back to creating and on to the next project.

And finally, who is your biggest fan right now?

It’s probably always going to be our parents. They come to every gig and tell us how we need to really keep pushing with this and are not afraid to show how proud they are. Do remember these are the same people who gave us all the “stick in school”, “get a good job” stuff and now we’ve done all that, it’s NOW they want musician children. Shows wisdom does come with age! Outwith them, it’s obviously our partners. They put up with a lot. The noise, the running around, the time away all just to allow us to do something we love.