‘Off The Grid’ is a quirky and endearing new release from Abby London

The track is the Seattle artist's third release of 2022.

The track is the Seattle artist’s third release of 2022.

On her affable new single ‘Off The Grid’, Abby London fantasises about escaping from modern society and the corrupt, technology obsessed world we have managed to find ourselves in.

The track is littered with quirky sonic moments and the artist’s distinctive sense of personality and wit, and showcases everything that makes the artist and her sound feel quite unlike anything else. Despite it’s firm pop appeal, it is the sense of adventure and the ways that it steps away from genre convention that makes it really shine and stand out. From it’s unpredictable moments, to Abby’s sweet charm and vocals, to the sheer sense of creativity and guile that adorns every corner, ‘Off The Grid’ is firmly in its own lane, complete with an array of sound effects and quirks to completely hammer the point home.