‘Unknown’ is the latest showcase of Alice Auer’s winning, multi-faceted indie pop charm

The track is from the artist's upcoming new EP Baby, Cry.

The track is from the artist’s upcoming new EP Baby, Cry.

Having already won over mountains of admirers with her affable and infectious indie pop sound, Alice Auer has continued to build on her wave of momentum with the effortlessly engaging new single ‘Unknown’.

The track showcases perfect blend of softness and personality that shines through the artist’s vocals, with her fun, personable writing coming to the fore as it so often does. There is something so cool and relatable about the way that Alice writes, melding a jazz-infused slickness with her indie pop sensibilities to craft something that feels impossibly engaging and so easy to find yourself lost in. The artist is flying as of late, and the release of her upcoming sophomore EP Baby, Cry is sure to ensure that that continues.