‘Sacraments’ is an explosive return from Philly post-hardcore band AM0RA

The new single is the band's first since the release of their 2022 EP, Cutting Teeth

The new single is the band’s first since the release of their 2022 EP, Cutting Teeth

Boasting a sound that feels as expansive and creative as it is dynamic and heavy, Philadelphia post-hardcore band AM0RA have been pulling up trees over the last few years, establishing an intensity and drive that has had tastemakers and audiences alike forced to sit up and take notice.

The band’s latest single ‘Sacraments’ is their first new release since 2022 EP, Cutting Teeth, and sees them back with a bang. The track sees the band employing a more riff-first and emphatic, upbeat approach than in the past, making an emphatic statement musically as they delve into a narrative that explores people’s ignorance and willingness to completely brush off facts or evidence that don’t support their own arguments, happy to exist purely in their own echo chamber ignoring pretty much anything else going on around them. Their explosive style and hard-hitting lyrics make for a powerful and memorable new single, and one that bodes well for whatever is coming next from the band.

Guitarist Tristan Wikler says, “Musically, we wanted it to be big and catchy with an in-your-face vibe. Lyrically, the chorus says, ‘Go build up your walls … Show me just how far you’ll go.’ We’re talking about a person’s willingness to ignore facts that don’t support what they believe in. It’s about our frustration with the lack of reason that you see so often.”