‘Fav Flavor’ is a emotive and thoughtful new release from Newark native Amanda Holley

The track follows the release of 'Code' earlier in the year.

The track follows the release of ‘Code’ earlier in the year.

Her lush pop sound and emotive vocals are just two of the reasons to find yourself immersed in Amanda Holley and her engaging, soulful tunes.

Her latest release ‘Fav Flavor’ is set to a backdrop of nostalgic, soaring pop, but with enough of a contemporary edge to keep it from ever feeling stale or dated. The track sees the artist earnestly expressing her emotions and using her wide vocal range to convey them effortlessly, making for a sound that feels steeped in both style and an equal amount of substance. ‘Fav Flavor’ is a track that feels like the best of both in a multitude of ways, both stylish and cool but packed full of meaning and depth, both nostalgic and familiar but with enough cool sonic moments and slick production to make it feel revitalisingly modern, the track is a testament to the guile and creativity of Amanda and allows you to lose yourself within her sound in the same way that she clearly does herself.

The artist says, “The melodies & lyrics came to me as I was walking down city streets on an emotional Saturday night. I decided to give in and surrender to my deepest craving for love & music”.