‘Wish You Well’ is a potent exploration of hypersensitivity from Amelle Rose

The track follows the release of the artist's enchanting recent single 'Congratulations'

The track follows the release of the artist’s enchanting recent single ‘Congratulations’

On her compelling and atmospheric new single ‘Wish You Well’, engrossing UK artist Amelle Rose continues to develop her personal and intimate sound, detailing her experiences with hypersensitivity and the burden that she carries by having such a vivid and profound sense of empathy.

The track captures her experiences and how she feels about them in memorable fashion, creating a claustrophobic and intense feel through its soundscape and her diaristic writing that unfolds like a stream-of-consciousness. There are no real answers to be found or solutions to the issues that are faced, and as the song ends with a reflection on societal pressures to maintain a façade of strength, it makes for a really powerful and desperate commentary on the way that the world is shaping us in modern times and the weight of expectation on us to manage our feelings and keep them in check.