‘Do Your Worst’ is a quietly powerful and emotional new single from Andie Mackenzie

The track is the first release of the artist's upcoming EP Afterthought.

The track is the first release of the artist’s upcoming EP Afterthought.

On her powerful and intimate new single ‘Do Your Worst’, Andie Mackenzie¬†continues to gorgeously delicate and vulnerable nature of her sound and the effortlessly soft power of her endearing vocals and lyrics.

The track has an almost conversational nature, with the artist wearing her heart on her sleeve and spilling out all of her thoughts and feelings after giving up hope of being with someone. The raw nature of the sound and earnesty of the lyrics makes for a truly relatable and immersive listening experience that many of people will resonate with, and the gentle clarity of the artist’s lyrics and delivery just seem to etch every ounce of emotion out of the track and its narrative. Despite its pessimistic nature, the track serves as something of a message of solidarity for people going through similar situations, and highlights the genuinely gorgeous appeal of Andie Mackenzie’s style.