‘Wallflower’ is the latest creative and explosive new release from Artio

The track follows the release of 'Sertaline' back in July.

The track follows the release of ‘Sertaline’ back in July.

Leeds outfit Artio are on typically incendiary form on their latest single ‘Wallflower’, bringing their explosive cocktail of noise from the offset on their latest creative and energetic new release. The band have made these feats of creativity and sheer energy feel somewhat pedestrian as of late, thanks to the sheer consistency and strength of their output, making a claim the title of the most exciting emerging band in the UK right now.

‘Wallflower’ explores the theme of protecting yourself from toxic relationships and the harm that people try to cause you, and the sheer force and power of the sound does a great job of reinforcing this sense of defiance and refusal to be manipulated. The way that Artio continue to feel both so experimental and unique while having such an intoxicatingly catchy, powerful feel is admirable to say the least, this new release just feels like another brick on the band’s path to huge, insurmountable heights.