ASTORIA shares her intriguingly dark debut ‘angel company’

It's taken from the forthcoming EP 'Halotropic Nightmares'...

It’s taken from the forthcoming EP Halotropic Nightmares

As debuts go, this one is pretty striking! Introducing ‘angel collection’, the stellar new single from the mysterious ASTORIA. The track is taken from her forthcoming debut EP Halotropic Nightmare.

With a voice that bears a sizeable resemblance to one Lorde, ASTORIA’s sound takes audible stock from the likes of FKA Twigs or Billie Eilish as she crafts soundscapes that are at once dark, alluring and intriguing. A solo producer and songwriter hailing from Asheville in North Carolina, ‘angel company’ is an outing delivered by a seasoned artist.

Thumping beats give way to murky basslines, whilst synths ominously ebb and flow, never quite relinquishing their grip. Offset by ASTORIA’s calm and composed vocal, ‘angel collection’ builds much anticipation for her forthcoming bundle of tracks.

‘angel collection’ is available now with ASTORIA’s debut EP Halotropic Nightmare to be released 27th March.