‘ego’ is an empowering and engrossing new release from Ava Della Pietra

The track is the fierce artist's fourth single of an incredible calendar year.

The track is the fierce artist’s fourth single of an incredible calendar year.

On her enthralling and bold new single ‘ego’, Broadway actress and singer-songwriter Ava Della Pietra continues to showcase her evolving and increasingly exciting indie pop sound, highlighting a charm and sense of charisma and poise that is growing on each new release.

The track explores a situation where the artist found herself involved with somebody who ended up being a little too self-obsessed and focussed on his own image before anything else, and the empowering and fierce new release sees the artist looking to cut them down and discover a few things about herself in the process. On the whole the track is packed full of fun, from the unabashedly bold nature of the writing to the vibrant and fun feel of her captivating pop sound throughout. ‘ego’ is a track that will resonate with listeners throughout thanks to its endearing relatability and forthright authenticity, and it is another glowing example of what makes Ava Della Pietra such an exciting artist.

“I wrote ‘ego’ about a guy who was a player, and the whirlwind of emotions I went through in that experience,” Ava shares. “Ultimately, I realized that he was mostly focused on elevating his own self-image.”