‘Pink Light’ is an intimate and vulnerable new release from Beeson

The track follows the artist's memorable debut single 'syrup'.

The track follows the artist’s memorable debut single ‘syrup’.

With just two releases to her name, 21 year old Beeson is an artist who has developed a distinctive brand of indie alt-pop, renowned for the artist’s affable songwriting prowess and the gently melodic and engaging nature of her sound.

The second of these releases is her new single ‘Pink Light’, an endearingly vulnerable track that captures the weird kind of hangover you get after a hookup as a young adult. The track sees the artist go to some candid and intimate places, even name-dropping some of her friends to go all in on the realism aspects to the sound. The end result is a track that feels like a window into the soul of the artist, a relatable and emotional track that continues to assert Beeson’s incredible artistry as a songwriter and storyteller. With more releases set to come from the artist throughout the year, we can’t wait to hear what she provides us with next.