‘Young Child’ is an alluring and delicate new release from Billie Maree

The track follows the release of the artist's similarly powerful debut single 'Whale Eyes',

The track follows the release of the artist’s similarly powerful debut single ‘Whale Eyes’,

Having emerged on the scene in May with her stunning debut single ‘Whale Eyes’, Billie Maree has continued to showcase her talent and alluring appeal as an emerging artist with the similarly stellar sophomore release ‘Young Child’, a thoughtful and delicate new single that radiates peace throughout.

The track was written during a dark time for the artist, when during a spell looking after a 1-year-old she found herself looking at like through the innocence and beauty of their eyes, earning a newfound sense of gratitude and appreciation for the more simple things in life. This makes for a stirring release that sees the artist letting go of any negativity and crafting something that feels wholly pure and free from anything other than a raw love for life. The self-produced and self-recorded nature of the sound echoes this ethos, with a vulnerable kind of realness to the track that feels affable and full of life.