Child of the Parish provide more audacious and ambitious electronic sounds on ‘Midas Touch’

The track is the first release from their upcoming second EP.

The track is the first release from their upcoming second EP.

Marrying psychedelic rock and electronic indie, and lacing them with huge, grandiose songwriting, Child of the Parish are continuing to blaze a trail with their infectious and distinctive sound.

Latest release ‘Midas Touch’ exemplifies everything that the outfit are about, boasting a rousing and colossal chorus that brings untold levels of pomp and circumstance to an already wildly ambitious sound. The duo seem to be endlessly expanding the range of their sound with each release, and ‘Midas Touch’ features a electro-psych core with rapturous reverb-heavy harmonies, baroque-tinged flourishes, and more than a hint of ‘80s extravagance with its dramatic drum fills and searing, climatic solo. Child of The Parish are in their element as of late, and are creating truly unique sounds that feel as cutting edge and dangerously exciting as they do palatable.

Ben Vella of Child of the Parish says, “It’s fair to say my range of inspiration shrunk a bit during lockdown, trapped in the house in the middle of the countryside, but actually writing about the pandemic felt like the last thing in the world I wanted to look at, so the music and themes came back to good old escapism.

I love playing poker with friends. When we were allowed back into each other’s gardens we’d huddle round in big jackets with some beers and play poker till the early hours. We only play for peanuts but it’s easy to imagine the stakes being higher and getting sucked into a disastrous losing streak. This is what ‘Midas Touch’ is about, someone in a spiral of bad luck they can’t get out of, praying for the next hand to bail them out of it.”