‘What Happens Now?’ is a powerful new breakup power ballad from Chloe Borthwick

The track follows the release of 'Don't Ghost Me' from earlier in the year.

The track follows the release of ‘Don’t Ghost Me’ from earlier in the year.

On the powerful new single ‘What Happens Now?’, Chloe Borthwick¬†channels her most emotive rock balladry as she explores the harrowing journey that you go on following the breakdown of a relationship and the emotional toll that it can take on you.

The track has a really thoughtful and engaging feel to it throughout, with the artist’s words ringing with an authentic sense of rawness and heart throughout, as the track builds and grows into something that feels soaring and cathartic. ‘What Happens Now?’ feels like a more modern upgrade on the kind of power ballads that adorned the early 2000s, providing the form with a more clinical and fresh edge that makes the track feel vibrant and full of life. The new release showcases the artist at her most vulnerable and engaging, and showcases the way that she can turn these feelings and emotions into something that feels colossal and all-encompassing.