‘DOUCHEBAG’ is the bitter but effortlessly catchy new single from Chloe Lilac

The track is from Chloe Lilac's sophomore EP of the same name. 

The track is from Chloe Lilac’s sophomore EP of the same name.

“It’s really about me just sticking it to that motherfucker.” is the emphatic explanation that Chloe Lilac uses to describe her latest single, an impeccable pop ode to a worthless ex.

The rising pop artist always seems to be exploring her sound and showcasing what she is capable of with every new release, and this is no exception. The track is fearless and anthemic, slowing down Chloe’s sound and showcasing a rougher, sharper edge to her colourful pop sound. ‘DOUCEBAG’ is unapologetically crass and bitter, yet maintains the level of catchiness and empowerment that is stained throughout Chloe Lilac’s work.

The latest single is a bold, uplifting album that sees the artist reclaiming the power in her situation, and continue to gain yet firmer footing in the contemporary pop conversation.